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Who I Am

Hi new friend! I'm Marie, and I was born a maker! I create beautifully made boho clothing from high quality linen and cotton fabrics. My designs are as comfortable as they are lovely, made with love to help you shine your own joy in the world. I'm so glad you've found me!

My husband and I are a balanced team of "entrepreneurial spirit and slow down girl!" I/we have been selling on Etsy for 12 years! Wow! We have three Etsy shops, run an AIRBNB (check that out here!), and recently opened a business just for my husband. I am a Christ follower, lover of my husband, blessed mama and grandma, and sister/friend who tries to be a joy filled person. I do my best to encourage love, peace and understanding among all of us in this world.


What I Love

My first goal in THIS life is to love who I am while striving to be more like HIM, until I make it to THAT life.

I believe part of shining Christ to others includes not just being "elusively happy", but shining true joy in all circumstances and doing and giving our best at whatever we do and for whomever we do it. With every step of my creative process, from drawing or just altering designs, purchasing quality linen and cotton fabrics, serging, washing and damp drying, cutting out my patterns, sewing each piece myself, wrapping them beautifully with a little handmade's all done with that commitment to shine joy and love, and with the constant thought of shining that joy into your life too. Hopefully, I'll even be gaining a new friend, one that is not just comfortable and at peace in your own skin and with your own style, but confident and joyful too. I hope you, like me, can LOVE who you are while GROWING on this journey of life. I hope you can look in the mirror and smile at you. Be kind, accepting, patient and grace-filled towards YOU first. The more we can extend those graces to ourselves, truly the more we can extend them to one another. And we can all make this world a kinder, joy-filled place. And for realz girlfriends, let's be honest - looking pretty AND being comfortable does affect our moods as women.  Like it or not. A little help shining never hurt anyone.

What I Do

I think most of us love beautiful things and love to create something. For me it's designing and creating clothing. I love clothing that is beautiful, well made and made to last. Whether I'm making a purchase for myself, or making something for you, my customer, I'm aiming for beauty, quality and comfort. I do not like uncomfortable no matter how pretty it is. It interrupts my Shine. Ha! My specific design style is Romantic Bohemian Clothing with Pockets, Ruffles and Layers that are just enough, but not over the top.

Each one of my designs is 100% guaranteed with a full refund, exchange or alteration including return paid first class shipping. I do my best to make a great product and I guarantee it. If you're not happy, neither am I. Truly.


I hope you have a super day girlfriend! And I hope you shine!



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