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These beautiful Weave Washed Linen Ponchos are a Timeless addition to your wardrobe and my shop! 

They add immediate elegance and festivity for a timeless look to even a simple pair of jeans and long sleeve tee shirt.

Made from a soft, lightweight, washed linen, with a fall down collar in front and back, with finished seams and decorative stitching on all hem lines.

Sophia Poncho

  • Adult Regular - a 26" x 27" rectangle, measuring approximately 14" from neck opening to end of Poncho "sleeve" on your arm. 

    Adult Large - is 26" x 31" rectangle, measuring approximately 18" from neck opening to end of Poncho "sleeve" on your arms.

  • To clean, just wash on a delicate cycle, dry partially, and then remove from the dryer and lay the poncho flat to dry the rest of the way. 

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